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  • Chemistry in person a scientist s path to policy
    Chemistry in Person | A Scientist’s Path to Policy

    When Stephanie DeLuca started college, she had her heart set on becoming a geneticist. She wanted to learn how small differences in gene structure sometimes results in the development of disease.

    Issue Date | October 2021

  • Chemistry in pictures october 2021
    Chemistry in Pictures | October 2021

    Christopher King works with microscopes in his day job as a histology technician. Many nights he comes home and works with microscopes to create art.

    Issue Date | October 2021

  • Copying nature to fight climate change
    Copying Nature to Fight Climate Change

    Every living thing on Earth owes its life to a single process that arose billions of years ago: photosynthesis. Now, scientists are mimicking it to help reduce our fossil-fuel dependence that drives global warming.

    Issue Date | October 2021

  • Open for discussion how to read science news and spot misinformation
    Open for Discussion | How to Read Science News and Spot Misinformation

    The internet is buzzing with the latest news on coronavirus variants, climate change, and speculation about UFOs.

    Issue Date | October 2021

  • Science solves the mystery of an ancient deadly ritual
    Science Solves the Mystery of an Ancient, Deadly Ritual

    In a once-thriving ancient city, Roman priests used to lead bulls to a “gate to the underworld,” where the animals would mysteriously collapse and die. After 2,000 years, we now know what really killed the bulls.

    Issue Date | October 2021

  • What s the deal with climate change
    What’s The Deal With Climate Change?

    You’ve heard that the world is warming, and that this trend is driven mainly by rising levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. But do you know why CO2 and climate change are so closely connected?

    Issue Date | October 2021

  • Why a pennsylvania town has been burning for 60 years
    Why a Pennsylvania Town Has Been Burning For 60 Years

    At its peak, the former coal town of Centralia, Pa., was home to about 2,000 residents. But a dangerous fire started in an old mine, putting lives at risk. Condemned in the ’90s, the ghost town is still on fire.

    Issue Date | October 2021

  • Are we running out of helium
    Are We Running Out Of Helium?

    From party balloons to medical imaging, helium serves a wide range of purposes in our lives. The recent concern over its supply, however, presents a good opportunity to take a closer look at this element and what makes it so versatile.

    Issue Date | April 2021

  • Beat the heat with paint
    Beat The Heat...With Paint!

    When it comes to climate change, sophisticated technologies must be part of the solution. But scientists also look to more practical strategies. Find out how one researcher is designing a type of paint to help cities keep cool in the summertime.

    Issue Date | April 2021

  • Chemistry in person channeling a passion for chemistry to help others
    Chemistry in Person | Channeling a Passion For Chemistry to Help Others

    Ask Brandon Presley about any twist and turn in his chemistry journey, and he’ll tell you about people: The high school teacher who gave him the courage to sink his teeth into chemistry; the family and friends who encouraged him; and the mentors and colleagues who gave him focus when he’d spread himself too thin. For Presley, that deep connection between chemistry and people motivates him every day.

    Issue Date | April 2021

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