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The conference starts with training workshop on Wednesday, 25th July, 2018 targeted at new workers or students interested in the field of phosphor thermometry.

On Thursday 26th July and Friday, 27th July, 2018 respectively, keynote lectures, and oral and ⁄ or poster presentation sessions of contributed abstracts will be take place with breaks held in between for networking and morning refreshments, lunch and afternoon refreshments.

The tentative technical program can be found below and a final version, which you will also be able to access on this page, will be uploaded just before the conference start date.

text version of this tentative programme and the abstract lists with authors is available to download.




Abstract ID

Keynote lecture

A History of Phosphor Thermometry 

S. W. Allison



Phosphor physics, synthesis, characterisation and calibration




Intentional designing of sensitive luminescent thermometers through crystal field strength engineering

K. Elzbieciak and L. Marciniak




Investigating the Temperature Sensitive Emission Properties of Eu:BAM : Potential for New Eu2+ High-Temperature Phosphors

Dustin Witkowski and David A. Rothamer




Aerogel and Polymeric Phosphor Composites for Remote Thermometry-Cryogenic to Elevated Temperatures

F. Sabri and S. Allison




Manganese-based phosphors for bandshape and lifetime luminescent thermometers

L. Marciniak and K. Trejgis



Effect of Oxygen on Phosphorescence for Different Lanthanide Ions Ln3+ (Ln=Eu, Dy, Sm, Er) Doped Yttria-stabilized Zirconia

Tao Cai, Yongzeng Li, Lixia Yang, Di Peng, Xiaofeng Zhao, Yingzheng Liu




Effect of the particle size on the temperature-dependent emission characteristics of YAG:Dy3+ and YAG:Dy3+,Er3+ phosphors

E. Hertle, L. Chepyga, M. Batentschuk, S. Will and L. Zigan




V3+ , V4+ and V5+ as a temperature sensors in luminescent nanothermometers

K.Kniec, and L. Marciniak




Gd0.8Lu0.2AlO3:Dy3+ and (Gd0.8Lu0.2)3Al5O12:Dy3+ as high-temperature thermographic phosphors

L. M. Chepyga, E. Hertle, L. Zigan, Andres Osvet, Christoph J. Brabec, Miroslaw Batentschuk




Highly sensitive luminescence thermometry based on the combined lanthanide and transition metal ion emissions

M.D. Dramićanin, M. Sekulić, V. Đorđević, and M. Medić




Fluid temperature measurements

Numerical Analysis on the application of SLIPI to gas-phase phosphor thermometry

L. Fan and S. Hochgreb



Stagnation point heat flux measurements of laminar methane/air flames impinging on cylindrical surface with thermographic phosphors

Peter Oketch, Ulf Bergmann and Burak Atakan



Characterising dispersed phosphor particles for fluid thermometry

C. Abram, B. Fond, M. Pougin and F. Beyrau 




Phosphor thermometry for the validation of computational fluid dynamics simulations of heat transfer in compressible real-gas flows

B. Fond, C-N. Xiao, C. Abram, C. T’Joen, B. Van Wachem, F. Beyrau




Multiple Scattering Reduction in Instantaneous Gas Phase Phosphor  thermometry: Applications with Dispersed Seeding

M. Stephan, F. Zentgraf, E. Berrocal, B. Albert, B. Böhm and A. Dreizler




Exploiting optical signals from single-phosphor particles for simultaneous point measurements of flow temperature and velocity

A.O. Ojo, B. Fond, C. Abram, B. G. M. Van Wachem, A. L. Heyes, and F. Beyrau




A Path to High-Precision Aerosol Phosphor Thermometry in Adjustable Temperature Ranges from 300 K to > 1000 K

Dustin Witkowski, David A. Rothamer



Instrumentation, measurement strategy, and traceable standards

Phosphor thermometry in cryogenic applications

Dong Kim and Kyung Chun Kim



Development of A Dual-Component Phosphor System for Simultaneous Pressure and Temperature Measurements

Yongzeng Li, Tao Cai, Lixia Yang, Di Peng, Xiaofeng Zhao, Yingzheng Liu




Imaging phosphor thermometry from T = 20 °C to 450 °C using the time-domain intensity ratio technique

G. Sutton, A. Greenen, B. Roebuck, G. Machin




A time-gated approach for improved ratio-based phosphor thermometry of fast heat transfer phenomena

A. Mendieta, B. Fond, P. Dragomirov, F. Beyrau




Configurations for Temperature Sensing of Thermal Barrier Coatings

Q. Fouliard, S. Jahan, L. Rossmann, P. Warren, R. Ghosh, and S. Raghavan




Effect of Flame Luminosity on Phosphor Thermometry Measurements Using the Decay Time Method

C. Binder, F Abou Nada and Mattias Richter





Temperature profiling of cooled radial turbine wheel

C. Pilgrim, Y. Zhang, C. Copeland, A. Redwood, S. Karagiannopoulos, D. Castillo, S. Araguás Rodríguez, and J. Feist



Triboluminescence and industrial applications

Use of phosphors to detect debris impacts and proton irradiation in space

W.A. Hollerman, R.S. Fontenot, and J. Miller



On the use of phosphor thermometry for temperature monitoring in manufacturing processes

A.O. Ojo, F. McCallum, A. Andreu, and A. L. Heyes













Abstract ID









Luminescence thermometry with Eu3+ doped TiO2, ZrO2 and Nb2O5 prepared by plasma electrolytic oxidation

A. Ćirić, M. Sekulić, S. Stojadinović, M. D. Dramićanin, and V. Đorđević





Effects of Fluid and Seeding Properties relevant for Phosphor Thermometry in Liquid Flows

J. Bollmann, E. Hertle, R. Pröbstle, S. Will, L. Zigan




Luminescent Thermal Memory Paints

D. Castillo, S. Araguas, C. Pilgrim, S. Karagiannopoulos, A. Leibinger, J. Feist, S. Skinner, C. Cavallo, M. Genschmar, D. Peral